The Chosen One and You

We live in rude times. But for those of use in the United States, an oppressive wave of individualism (culminating in the persona of Donald Trump) has been riding out our cultural commentary and news media for the past several years. Oppressive Individualism is nothing new to the West, however. It’s cropped up before in […]

Apocalypse Now and Then

In response to a noticeable number of recent articles and social media posts I’ve been getting; asking some permutation of the question “why does this religion believe/do/espouse this terrible thing?”, I feel the need to reiterate an important point. Let us not forget that religion is distinctly emergent from the people who practice it. Religious […]

When Facts Fail

This is an interesting take on the problem of dealing with cognitive dissonance and the backfire effect (a la Leon Festinger’s “When Prophecy Fails”) but it doesn’t address the trouble of nuance in terms of the ways in which people deal with “failure.” In other words, personal cognitive dissonance is not always specifically at fault […]


We’ve become a nation of Absolutists. And in an ideology of Absolutism, “libtard” and “repug” are as good as the discourse can get. This is because Absolutism breeds fear. When any compromise, any potential change, any possible give and take means the end of the worldview itself, there can be no other outcome but division, […]

Something of a Hobby: Calling Out to the Humanities and Social Sciences

  I have to admit; archaeological hoaxes, frauds, and general conspiracy theories are something of a fascination of mine.  I was first introduced to the subject academically via Kenneth Feder’s Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries during my junior year of college, and it’s a book I highly recommend, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the anthropological community’s […]

A Statement on the Universal Subordination of Women

Within academic Feminist theory there lies a deeply troubling question: Why are women universally subordinated? Of course, the nature of this question in many ways presupposes the kinds of answers we should expect. However, while this does not completely devalue either the question or the analysis, we should evaluate the principal premise because it is […]