A Statement on the Universal Subordination of Women

Within academic Feminist theory there lies a deeply troubling question: Why are women universally subordinated? Of course, the nature of this question in many ways presupposes the kinds of answers we should expect. However, while this does not completely devalue either the question or the analysis, we should evaluate the principal premise because it is […]

The Genuine Fiji Mermaid

One of my favorite aesthetics is that of the old Wunderkammer tradition. Better known as the Cabinet of Curiosity, these collections were most often comprised of objects whose identities and categories were as yet unknown to Western science. For the most part, in Renaissance Europe, this meant animals, shells, cultural objects, rocks, antiquities, and relics […]

The Mummy (2017) – A Review

Yeah, yeah, spoilers. Who cares. It’s movies like this one that always remind me of an old adage: Just remember, that at some point, a group of people got together in a room and decided that *this* was a good idea. But despite many of the sins of cultural representation that movies like The Mummy […]

Welcome to the Apocalypse!

Religion is a complicated subject. And contrary to what appears to be popular belief, Religion (with a capital “R”) is not some abstract floating ideal somewhere out there for us to volley back and forth over our respective fences. Rather, as a cultural system, it infiltrates every aspect of our lives; including politics, economics, art […]